10 Proven Ways for Your Cat to Like You

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  1. 10 Scientific Ways to Get a Cat to Like You
  2. Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Cats

10 Scientific Ways to Get a Cat to Like You

Cats are so adorable that people want to greet them with a big hug. Some people go up to the cat, corner them, and try to pet them to win them over. But remember, this is a common mistake for cat lovers. According to the recent studies, it’s best to let the cat make the first move.

A study conducted in Switzerland has shown that when humans sit back and wait—and focus on something else, like reading a book—cats are more likely to approach.

Watch this video and discover this and several other ways to make your cat love you as much as you love him!

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Cats

Source: Jaw-Dropping Facts

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