10 Things about German Shepherds

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  1. 10 Things about German Shepherds
    1. A sublime intelligence
    2. Participated in two important world competitions
    3. Gained worldwide popularity after I G.M.
    4. A controversial coat
    5. Its origin: grazing
    6. They look like iron, but they are not
    7.  A movie dog!
    8. First guide dog
    9. They will eat any food that is put in front of them
    10. A well-known furry
  2. Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Dogs

10 Things about German Shepherds

In this video, you will know 10 things that only the owners of a German Shepherd understand. This is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States.

The German Shepherd, or GSD, is known for many reasons. They are versatile dogs that will excel at anything they are trained for, including police and military service, guide and assistance work, search and rescue, herding, dog sports, drug detection, and of course being brave, loyal, and loving companions.

As he is a handsome, intelligent and versatile dog, you may be wondering, what is it like to have him as a companion every day? Here you can find this information.

A sublime intelligence

Seeing a German Shepherd collaborating with the police, rescue teams or working as a guide is not unusual. And it is that he is a dog with very high intellectual capacities, being in the top 3 of the most intelligent breeds in the world.

Of course, despite being intelligent by nature, it is very important that they receive an adequate education for their physical, mental and social development.

Participated in two important world competitions

The German Shepherd was one of the breeds chosen to accompany the German army in the First and Second World War. When the first of these wars began, the breed was not yet well known.

However, his great tracking skills, agility, and loyalty proved his capabilities. For this reason, they did not hesitate to count on these furry ones again for the Second World War.

Gained worldwide popularity after I G.M.

After the First World War, both what was demonstrated during those difficult years, and the stories told by those who saw the German shepherds perform, made the popularity of the breed spread internationally, not only to other European countries, but also to other countries.

A controversial coat

This is one of the most unknown curiosities of the German shepherd. The fur of this dog has managed to generate controversy about which is the official breed.

In general, only the double coat with an undercoat is accepted as the correct pattern, with the outer coat being dense, hard and straight and the undercoat softer.

As for the colors, the most common are total black or black and brown, although there are specimens whose black tone turns gray and tan to yellowish tones.

Its origin: grazing

This is one of the curiosities of the German shepherd that should not surprise us if we pay attention to his name. And of course, the fact that it is called "German Shepherd" gives us a great clue (not to say that it makes it clear) its place of origin and the main activity for which it was intended.

So yes, before humans incorporated them into some of our activities, this dog was herding cattle in the German countryside. To this day, of course, he is still a great sheepdog.

They look like iron, but they are not

Despite their oaky appearance, German Shepherds can suffer from health problems. Some degenerative diseases are especially relevant.

Worst of all is knowing that they were encouraged by human interest in crossing specimens indiscriminately to achieve a perfect racial pattern. Among the diseases that occur most in these dogs are myelopathy, hip dysplasia and also elbow dysplasia.

 A movie dog!

The intelligence and loyalty of these dogs has also led them to be chosen to act on both the big and small screen.

Among the most famous German shepherds are the protagonist of "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin", that of "Rex, a different policeman" or Will Smith's best friend in "I am the legend".

First guide dog

As we said before, this furry is one of the ones humans use the most to help us with a multitude of tasks. One of them is to guide the blind.

Surely in your mind you have Labrador retrievers, for example, more in mind for this job. But one of the most interesting facts about the German shepherd is that it was this dog and not another that was the first to serve as a guide.

Flash, Judy, Filly and Meta are the names of the first 4 German Shepherds trained for this mission and assigned to IGM Veterans.

They will eat any food that is put in front of them

And they are very sweet dogs! These furry ones can crave when they see food. So as much as they are well educated in other fields, they should be educated in this one too.

The first thing is to make sure that the food you give your dog is correct for his breed, weight, age and activity. In this way, you will ensure that the furry one is not overfed, but also that he does not eat less and therefore becomes anxious when he sees any delicacy.

It is also recommended that the total recommended daily amount be divided into several doses. So you won't be so desperate when you go many hours without eating.

A well-known furry

Who does not have the image of a German shepherd in their head without seeing a photo? And it is that the German shepherd is one of the best-known dog breeds in the world.

It is no wonder that they gained so much popularity thanks to their adorable appearance along with their loyal behavior towards humans.

In the family, they are affectionate and protective and will make great companions for children if they are raised correctly from an early age. Of course, they tend to be especially loyal to their main caretaker.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Dogs


Source: Animal Insider

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