9 Kindest Dog Breeds in the World

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  1. Meet the most docile and loyal dog breeds
    1. Retrievers
    2. Beagles
    3. Collies
    4. Pugs
    5. Newfoundland
    6. Basset hound
    7. Samoyed
    8. Swiss white shepherd
    9. Saint Bernard
  2. Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Dogs

Meet the most docile and loyal dog breeds

Are you a family with children looking for a dog or puppy? Dogs are wonderful companions and can teach children a lot about responsibility.

When deciding what kind of dog to buy, think about your family's lifestyle first. You need to consider a breed's temperament, energy level, and personality traits.

Temperament will be the most critical factor to consider as children can become boisterous and boisterous.

That being said, generally nervous or anxious dogs are not suitable for children.


Intelligent, balanced, affectionate. Retrievers like the golden retriever or labrador retriever often come to mind when people think of good family dogs.

They are known to be friendly, kind and tolerant.

And while they are sweet and affectionate, remember that they are still working dogs and it is important to give them plenty of exercise and training.


Sweet, curious, playful If you have a large, active family, a beagle would be a good fit for you. Friendly and playful, beagles love to play.

They have a calm disposition and do not become aggressive, making them excellent playmates for children of all ages.

They get along well with other pets and strangers, so if your home has a revolving door for visitors, a beagle would be a great choice.


Sensitive, affectionate, adaptable. Collies are incredibly intelligent dogs known to be loyal and sweet.

They are very affectionate and sensitive, but do not do well if left alone for too long. Give them lots of love and affection, and they will return the favor tenfold.

They require a lot of care, so be prepared for that.


Good-natured, goofy, calm. Pugs are suitable for children, as they are outgoing yet trustworthy. Pugs are considered the comedians of the canine world.

They love to have fun and entertain their humans, but they are not hyperactive. They are goofy but calm, which makes them amazing dogs with kids.


The size of this gentle giant of a working dog may scare some off, but the Newfoundland's sweet, patient, and gentle demeanor is perfect for everyone, including children, other dogs, and cats who like dogs.

These dogs are loyal and sociable. Although they are huge, they are not high energy.

They do well with regular walks and moderate exercise to keep fit.

As with any giant-sized breed, it's very important to train your Newfoundland from when he's a puppy so he won't jump up on people or get too excited.

Basset hound

Basset Hounds are laid-back dogs that generally get along with most people when they have been well socialized early in life.

They enjoy being around humans, even if they just share a couch at night.

In addition, they are great with children thanks to their sweet nature.


These beautiful pups are social butterflies who love to play with their humans and other friendly dogs.

They are loyal and trustworthy with their family and love every interaction they have with their humans.

Swiss white shepherd

It is a medium to large dog, powerful, well muscled and with harmonious lines.

He has an elongated rectangular outline, with the true length of the spine visually exaggerated by the sloping hindlimb stance he shares with the German Shepherd.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are affectionate and placid dogs. His instinctive friendliness will likely outweigh a stranger's initial fear of approaching such a large dog.

However, Saint Bernards are just as quick to protect family members they believe are in danger.

Because they are so friendly, kind, and tolerant, Saints can be especially good for families with well-behaved children.

Known for being exceptionally understanding and patient, Saints are careful not to hurt a child.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Dogs

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