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If you Live in an Apartment and Have a Cat you Should Read This

Ever envied those intricate Catification setups with wall-mounted shelves and custom scratchers, thinking, "I can't do any of this for my cat because I'm renting"? Well, fear not, our feline-loving friends!

This week's video is tailored just for you. You don't need to own your space to create a fabulous haven for your cat.

1. Vertical Delights: Incorporate Jackson Galaxy's genius ideas for vertical spaces to give your cat the thrill of climbing and exploring.

From wall-mounted shelves to cat trees, creating a vertical playground not only entertains your kitty but also saves precious floor space in your apartment.

2. Interactive Window Views: Transform your windows into captivating entertainment for your feline companion.

Follow Jackson Galaxy's advice on creating cozy window perches and interactive setups, allowing your cat to indulge in birdwatching or simply bask in the warmth of the sun.

3. DIY Puzzle Feeders: Engage your cat's mind and body with Jackson Galaxy's recommended DIY puzzle feeders.

These not only provide mental stimulation but also help manage your cat's weight by turning mealtime into a playful challenge.

4. Compact Scratching Solutions: If space is limited, fear not! Jackson Galaxy suggests space-saving scratching solutions like wall-mounted scratch pads or compact scratching posts.

Keep your furniture safe while satisfying your cat's natural urge to scratch.

5. Cozy Hideaways: Create cozy nooks and hideaways for your cat to retreat to. Jackson Galaxy emphasizes the importance of providing safe and secluded spots where your furry friend can relax and recharge.

Turning your apartment into a cat paradise is entirely possible, even if you're renting.

With Jackson Galaxy's expert guidance, you can implement these clever tricks to make your living space both cat-friendly and stylish. Watch the video to unlock a world of possibilities for your feline friend in your apartment.

Happy catifying!

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