Keeping & Breeding of The Domestic Canary

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Keeping & Breeding of The Domestic Canary

Watching this video you will be able to know everything about the maintenance and breeding of the Domestic Canary, in addition to the profile of the species.

They stand out for their beauty, their singing and their pleasant and jovial character. They are the most common birds that are usually kept as pets.

These happy and beautiful little birds are quite small, in fact, they usually do not exceed 10 or 12 centimeters in height. They are birds belonging to the Fringillidae family, colloquially known as finches. You can find out more about them by selling this incredible video that will surely be super useful!

What should a cage for canaries be like?

The bigger the better, since it allows the bird to make short flights, in addition to jumping between the sticks of the cage. If we have a single canary, the measurements should not be less than 30 centimeters long, 35 wide and 30 high.

A rectangular cage, preferably metal, is recommended as it makes cleaning much easier and lasts longer.

It is very important to take into account if we want a single canary, a couple or more than two. If you are a couple, the minimum measurements of the cage must be 50 centimeters long, 30 centimeters wide and 40 centimeters high. If there are more than two canaries, the size should be larger.

It is also important that our canary's house has a double bottom: that the grid that acts as the floor and the tray can be removed, to clean them very well and more easily.

These birds are territorial and therefore it is recommended that if you have two males in the same cage, they be separated during the mating season (in spring), to avoid fights.


The cage must be provided with a feeder and drinker if it is a canary alone or in pairs. If there are more than two, other feeders should be placed.

Canaries are very dedicated to their hygiene and are bathed daily. That is why it is necessary to provide them with a plastic or ceramic bathtub where they can fit and bathe.

Also, hangers or posts should be placed so that the canary can move by jumping from one to another inside the cage. It is also recommended to put a swing on them.

If it is a pair, the female will lay eggs at some point, so she needs to have a nest in order to incubate them.


The hygiene of the canary cage is important to avoid diseases in the bird. It is necessary to clean the deposits daily and replace the water in the drinker and, once a week, wash the feeder and other accessories. Wilted fruits and vegetables should be removed daily.

Bath water should be removed once the canary has had its daily bath to prevent it from drinking.

The cage must be placed fixed to the wall, in a high and illuminated place, away from drafts and where the sun does not hit it directly.


The basis of the diet of canaries is birdseed, combined with other seeds, such as: Black, Hemp, Red Rapeseed, Rapeseed and Oats, which are marketed combined in adequate proportions to ensure an ideal diet for the bird.

You need to add vegetables and fruits to your diet. They can be given a piece of apple a day and a few times a week a small lettuce leaf (rich in vitamin C and folic acid).

During the molting season (between June and October), it is recommended to provide pieces of cucumber.

It is important to place a cuttlefish bone in the cage to provide an additional source of calcium and prevent the beak from growing too long from wear.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Birds

Source: OC Aviary

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