The 21 Ways You Can Hurt Your Cat Without Realizing

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  1. The 21 Ways You Can Hurt Your Cat Without Realizing
  2. Some things to avoid to avoid hurting your cat
    1. Give your cat the same food
    2. Using physical punishment
    3. Lack of hygiene
    4. Yell when your cat misbehaves
    5. Assuming your cat is happy to sleep all day
  3. Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Cats

The 21 Ways You Can Hurt Your Cat Without Realizing

Here you can find the 21 ways you can hurt your cat without realizing it. Watching this video you can learn what things you don't have to do if you have a cat. You will get the advice and information you need to make the least amount of mistakes.

Some things to avoid to avoid hurting your cat

Give your cat the same food

If your cat has been fed a particular type of food her entire life, she may develop a very strong food preference for that unique brand and flavor.

Brand preference isn't much of an issue until you need to change your cat's food. Even if you think you won't change your pet's diet, you can't predict when a medical diagnosis will require dietary changes.

For example, many cats face kidney problems as they age, requiring a change in diet. If you give him the same food all his life, it can be very difficult for him to accept new foods.

Using physical punishment

Although there may be situations that cause you to lose your patience, it is important to remember that punishment should never be the way to discipline a cat. It does not work. It actually does the opposite of what you want. This causes them stress and they will only be afraid of you.

Cats do not understand the reason for your anger. When you punish them, they have no idea what they did wrong. And because cats don't understand that certain behaviors are undesirable, punishment can seem random and inconsistent, which can cause stress, anxiety, and fear.

It also brings mistrust towards humans. They may start to show rejection or even aggression towards you. One of the best ways to discipline a cat is to reward it for doing something good. The reasoning behind this is that the cat will associate good behavior with receiving a treat.

Lack of hygiene

Cats are very clean animals and spend a lot of time grooming themselves. A dirty environment stresses and even irritates them, especially if you focus on the places they usually hang out, like their litter box, bedding, and food and water bowls.

A food dish with smelly leftovers, an uncleaned litter box, or a dirty bedding will trigger feline anger and unwanted behaviors, such as persistent meowing, hissing, and pooping in inappropriate places.

Yell when your cat misbehaves

Yelling is another thing you should never do when disciplining your cat. You're just scaring your pet. Especially when you're upset about something that happened a while ago.

Cats live in the moment and cannot associate punishment with an action that has occurred in the past.

Assuming your cat is happy to sleep all day

Cats are born to kill and hunt prey. We welcome these natural hunters into our little homes in the hope that they will live happily without exercising their instincts.

If you don't provide a constructive form of exercise, trigger her hunting instincts, or give her mental stimulation, your cat will develop behavior problems. They will get bored, they will accumulate a lot of energy, which will make them stressed and anxious.

Find much more information to take care of your cat in the best way by watching the video that we leave you below.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Cats

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