Tips On How To Tame Your Bird And Gain Its Trust

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Tips On How To Tame Your Bird And Gain Its Trust

Birds are a great option if you want to have a home companion. Of course, you will have to take into account that some are happier as a couple.

The nature of domestic birds is happy, vital and sociable, a character that is noted by their relationship with other birds but also with humans, with whom they are quite confident.

Taming your bird and earning its trust is the first step in bonding with it! If this is your first time owning a bird, here are tips on how to tame your bird and earn its trust! When it comes to earning your bird's trust, always remember to be patient and let your bird come to you!

The bird must gain confidence and that is worked little by little. First, keeping your distance. During the first days you should not touch it, let it adapt to its new home and calm down; Like everyone, you need to feel good in your space before having stimuli that can make you nervous.

This is how you should approach your bird

After a few days, you can go closer to its cage, pronounce its name so that it becomes familiar, but avoid physical contact. If you notice that he is avoiding you, he is not ready yet.

Be patient because you will gain confidence. When you notice that it doesn't get scared when you approach it, you can try feeding it from your hand. It may not come quickly, but it will eventually.

And when this step is over, it's time to try to get it to climb on your finger, as if it were a branch. Bring him closer and gently touch his abdomen. If it goes down quickly, don't insist, try again every day.

Open the cage to let it fly

Once all these phases of rapprochement and trust are over, he's ready to explore, which he loves. For this reason it is important that you make sure you have all the windows and doors closed.

Let it get on your finger and carefully remove it from the cage. Like other species, you can allow it to fly freely around the room (it is not recommended that it do so throughout the house) and it will return to its space when it gets tired of investigating and fluttering. If not, you can attract it with food.

Birds are quite intelligent, so most can learn a few tricks, although it does involve constant training a couple of times a day. The right time to start teaching him is two or three months and always with the compensation of a prize, like something he eats very occasionally and likes, when he does it well.

Never hold him tight or force him to continue doing something for which he has lost interest. A trick to start is to open its cage and have it come to your finger when it hears its name. And if during training he starts to peck you, give him back so he understands that he shouldn't do it.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Birds

Source: Flying Fids

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