Tips that Will Help You When Bathing a Cat

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  1. Tips that Will Help You When Bathing a Cat
  2. 8 Tricks for Bathing a Cat
    1. Prepare the bathroom area well
    2. Arm yourself with patience
    3. Brush it first
    4. Try to do this with help
    5. Choose the day well
    6. Protect the ears
    7. Follow these steps
    8. Do not use the dryer
  3. Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Pets

Tips that Will Help You When Bathing a Cat

Most cats don't like the bathing hour. Cats are much more sensitive to water than dogs. They get stressed easily, and any activity that interrupts their routine can cause an unnecessary upset.

By watching this video tutorial you can learn some tips that can help make cat bath time as stress-free as possible for cats and humans!

Outdoor cats may need a bath from time to time or even indoor cats that have gotten dirty while using the litter box and cat wipes just aren't going to do the job.

That's why here you can find super useful tips if you have to bathe a cat. We hope this information will be of great help to you!

8 Tricks for Bathing a Cat

Prepare the bathroom area well

When you need to bathe your cat, we recommend that you take into account the space where you are going to do it. Choose a place that is comfortable for you and have everything you need at hand: specific soap for cats, a towel, etc.

Arm yourself with patience

As we have already mentioned, it is very likely that bathing your cat is not easy. So stay calm at all times, be patient and tolerant. Of course, it is also important that you act confident in yourself.

Brush it first

Remove excess dead hair by brushing it before bathing, and if there are mats in the coat, comb or clip it. You can also do this the day before to reduce shower stress.

Try to do this with help

If two people bathe your cat, it will be better both for handling the cat and for transmitting a greater sense of calm to the animal. Also, it is important that you speak sweetly and softly throughout the entire process.

Choose the day well

It is convenient that, when bathing your cat, it is not too nervous. In addition to the fact that this would make the operation very difficult for you, if he goes, he could suffer some type of blockage or trauma, so do not force him to go to the bathroom and try another time.

Your cat is very emotionally sensitive and something like this could lead to problems in the future. You can gauge his mood by getting close to him, stroking him (which will also help you relax him), and listening to the degree of his purring.

Protect the ears

Before exposure to water, you should place a cotton ball in each ear to prevent the liquid from causing problems. When you bathe him, do it in lukewarm water (about 30°C) and do not submerge him in the sink or bathtub.

Follow these steps

Start by pouring water from the neck down so as not to crush it. You can do it by hand, gently and slowly, or with a sponge. When his whole body is wet, lather him up and let the soap act for 5 minutes (or more if it is a veterinary treatment that requires it).

Again pass water all over the body until it is well rinsed. It is very important that there are no soap residues, as they can cause itching or skin reactions.

Do not use the dryer

Most cats don't like the dryer because of the noise it makes, so we recommend that you don't use it unless your cat can tolerate it.

Instead, you can use a towel, carefully and lovingly, and even put a heat source nearby that cannot cause a fire, such as a radiator or an oil stove.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Pets

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