10 Amazing Snakes You Can Have As a Pet 

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  1. 10 Amazing Snakes You Can Have As a Pet 
    1. Advantages of having reptiles as pets
    2. Disadvantages of keeping reptiles as pets
  2. Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Snakes

10 Amazing Snakes You Can Have As a Pet 

Watching this video you will know which are the 10 amazing snakes that you can have as a pet. At some point, you probably wanted to have a snake as a pet. Do you want to know which are the friendliest?

The creator of this video will name 10 snakes and tell you the characteristics of each of them.

Some of these named snakes are the Indian Python, Ball Python and Corn Snake. Of all the species that can be kept in captivity, there are a number of characteristics that are important to take into account: the adult size of the animal, the space available to keep it, and the age that the specimen can reach. We hope this video will be of great help to you!

Advantages of having reptiles as pets

  • Let's start talking about the advantages of having reptiles at home:
  • Reptiles are generally animals that in terms of food are quite cheap as long as we choose a species that does not feed on live insects, since these are a little more expensive (it is not a problem either).
  • Another very notable advantage is that, unlike other pets such as dogs, they are independent animals and, as long as they do not lack water, food and they are in good facilities, they will not have any problems.
  • They do not take up much space at home, depending on the type of reptile the terrarium should be larger or smaller, but it does not bother the house.

Disadvantages of keeping reptiles as pets

Since not everything is pretty and it also has a bad part, let's talk about the disadvantages of having reptiles as pets:

  • The main drawback is that reptiles, as much as we insist, are not domestic animals (do not confuse captive-bred with domestic) and although they can become docile, at first, above all, they are very likely to be aggressive, bite or may give us a slap on the tail.
  • Another disadvantage is that they are animals that do not show the affection that a dog can give you, his company is only in person, just as an aquarium would be.
  • Terrariums are usually expensive, although to save money we can make the urn ourselves if we have the knowledge and materials, but in addition to the urn we must have heating lamps, since they are cold-blooded animals and we must provide heat sources.
  • Finally, this type of animal has been closely related to the latest fashion trends, we want to clarify that keeping an animal of any kind is a responsibility. If you really like these animals and you can provide them with everything they need without any problem, then surely everything is in your favor, but if you are not able to be responsible and give them everything they need, then don't have animals because they are in fashion.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Snakes

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