5 Friendliest Pet Snakes You Can Own

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  1. 5 Friendliest Pet Snakes You Can Own
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5 Friendliest Pet Snakes You Can Own

Thanks to this video you will know the 5 friendliest pet snakes you can have. Snakes make fantastic pets! But some are much better suited to handling and have a great overall disposition than others. The creator of this video will tell you which are the 5 best snakes you can have.

If you are looking for a pet snake and are looking for one that is very unlikely to bite or wriggle, with incredible temperaments and dispositions, these five pet snakes make the friendliest pets with the best personalities!

After analyzing which snake is the right one for us, we must know that if we want our pet to have a decent life, there are a series of care and conditions that we will have to offer it.

The veterinarians, specialists in exotic animals, Miguel Gallego and Jordi Aguiló, give us some clues about the diet and habitat that these reptiles need, as well as some basic tips for proper care:

  • It is important to choose the species of snake based on its character, adult size and ease of maintenance in captivity. Some prior knowledge about the behavior and needs of these types of animals must also be acquired, in order not only to avoid surprises, but also to satisfy their needs. In no case should we choose poisonous snakes, even if they are on sale.
  • The food consists of prey, alive or dead (generally frozen), which must be purchased in specialized establishments; It is not possible to feed them with croquettes or any other type of food that is not indicated. This is because they are strictly carnivorous animals, that is, they only eat prey and need protein of animal origin. It is best to offer the prey based on the size of the snake. As the most recommended species for a house are small ones, the ideal choice as prey is usually rodents such as rats or mice, of different sizes depending on the species. Live prey is nutritionally better, but this has particular practical and ethical implications: putting a live animal up for a snake to eat can be shocking to some people (especially children). To avoid this, we can offer the recently killed prey, but for this it must be sacrificed beforehand. Another option is to buy game that is already dead and frozen; but in that case we will have to supplement the diet with some vitamins and components that can be altered during the freezing process.
  • The snake should always have a small container of fresh water in its terrarium. A controlled environment is necessary to live healthy; that is to say, a terrarium suitable for its species and size, which has the adequate and stable temperature, light and humidity. There are more arboreal species that will require more branches or trunks, others are more desert-like and will need a cave to shelter. It all depends on the species, hence the importance of knowing the characteristics of the animal that we are going to take home in order to provide it with the most suitable type of habitat.
  • Finally, experts point out that a snake owner should also learn to watch their animal for signs of health and illness (for example, some snakes can go more than a month without eating without it meaning they have to get sick).  And, although it is not necessary in all cases, they recommend a semi-annual review, in addition to going to the reference vet in case of doubt or suspicion of any type of problem.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Snakes

Source: Wickens Wicked Reptiles

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